Akademika Saharova Ave.


About the festival

On July 13, 2014 from 12.00 till 19.00 the paints festival ColorFest will take place on the heart of Moscow - Akademika Saharova Ave.

ColorFest is an annual bright music festival. The first Festival of Holi Paints in Moscow was held in 2013 and gathered 7000 participants. The main tradition is to dust each other with colorful spices, bright and easily wash off, or pour colored water – that’s why ColorFest is called a Festival of Holi Paints. ColorFest also occupies a rightful place among music festivals 2014.

Within the Festival it is anticipated:


AREC, July 13, 2014, from 13p.m. till 20p.m.
Entrance free.
If you want to save up money and time we suggest that you buy a ticket for Holi paint with a discount in advance.

Get dressed

Holi paints wash off easily, however the best choice of clothing would be:
Bikini %)
in white or ColorFest clothing! The latter option will definitely make your pics brighter!


Tons of Holi paints! Kilowatts of music! Outstanding program! Famous performers! Find your favorite one in the Participants section.